Fuel prices January 13: Petrol, diesel rise again after five days, reach new highs

The process of increasing the prices of petrol and diesel has started again. After remaining stable for five days in a row, the rates have now increased. Petrol price has been hiked by 25 paise per litre and diesel by 27 paise per litre.

Earlier, on January 6 and January 7, the prices of petrol and diesel were increased. In these two days, the price of petrol had increased by 49 paise per litre, while diesel became expensive by 51 paise. Before December 6, petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged for 48 consecutive days. Then on November 20, rates were hiked. During this time, prices were raised 17 times.

So far in January, petrol prices have increased by 74 paise, while diesel has become expensive by 76 paise per litre. Petrol in Mumbai has once again crossed Rs 91 per litre, which is very close to its record level. According to the IOC, petrol in Jaipur, Rajasthan costs Rs 91.90 per litre, while diesel is Rs 83.92 per litre.

Today (January 13), petrol is at Rs 84.45 per litre in Delhi, Rs 91.07 in Mumbai, Rs 85.92 in Kolkata and Rs 87.18 per litre in Chennai.

Petrol prices in 4 metro cities

  • Delhi: Rs 84.45
  • Mumbai: Rs 91.07
  • Kolkata: Rs 85.92
  • Chennai: Rs 87.18

Similarly, the rate of diesel has been increased to Rs 74.63 in Delhi, Rs 81.34 in Mumbai, Rs 78.22 in Kolkata and 79.95 per litre in Chennai.

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