Going soon! Late trains might become history with Indian Railways’ real-time monitoring app

Train delays and long waits due to technical snags might soon be a thing of past as Indian Railways has launched an application “OHE Inspection”. The app will allow railway personnel to quickly detect defects and fix technical snags.

According to the Railway Ministry, the OHE Inspection app will capture in real-time OHE (Overhead Equipment) defects and send out quick alerts. It has been launched across the country and has features such as GPS tracking of patrolman, real-time capturing of OHE defects and clicking photographs.

The development comes a month after the national transporter announced that achieved 100 per cent punctuality of trains. It was the first time ever in Indian Railways’ history that it achieved the milestone. Railways had ordered all of its zones to ensure 100 per cent punctuality in the running of 230 special trains, which is less than two per cent of the 13,000 trains that normally run on the entire network.

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