Got a side-lower berth in train? The discomfort will soon be a thing of past

India Railways passengers who are accommodated on side lower berths in reserved coaches often find it uncomfortable due to an uneven gap in the middle. To overcome this, the national transporter has come up with an innovative idea to fix this gap and make the journey comfortable for passengers.

As per a video shared by Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways, the side lower berths will soon be modified in the reserved coaches to make passengers’ journey more comfortable.

The video shared by Goyal showed the new changes that will soon be introduced in all reserved coaches. “The Indian Railways is always attempting to make travel convenient for passengers. Some changes that have been made in the seats to make the journey of the passengers more comfortable is one such example,” he tweeted.

The video shows a railway official demonstrating how the new design works. An extra folding has been attached to the side of the lower berth seats. The cushioned folding is the size of a bed that covers the gap when the two seats are joined.

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