Govt planning to open up coal marketing to streamline process

The government is considering opening up coal marketing, Coal Secretary Anil Kumar Jain said on Thursday. Currently, production by Coal India is allocated through a number of different methods, including multiple sector-based auctions and coal linkages based on recommendations by the Union government, and Fuel Supply Agreements (FSAs).

India produced about 729 million tonnes of coal and imported about 248 million tonnes in the previous fiscal. Coal India accounts for over 80 per cent of domestic production. “It’s about time that coal marketing was opened up.

All the knots, which have tied up coal linkages, PPAs, FSAs and bidding have to be opened up,” said the secretary, adding the freeing up of coal marketing would give an assurance to buyers that they will be able to get the product, if they want it, without having to go through multiple processes.

Indian Express
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