Govt plans to solarise agricultural feeders under KUSUM scheme

The government is planning to launch a new variant on KUSUM scheme for solarisation of agricultural feeders, power and renewable energy minister R K Singh said on Friday.

He added that this would eliminate the subsidy burden of states given in irrigation for the next three-four years.

“At present, the KUSUM scheme provides for solaring of individual pumps of farmers. Now, we are going to give money for solarising the entire agricultural feeders so that we don’t have to set up individual panels for farmers,” Singh said in a virtual press conference.

He added that with this, the farmers would get free electricity from day one because the feeder would be solarised and the cost can be paid off in about three years.

“The subsidy burden of the states will come to an end in three to four years, because once you solarise it, the cost thereof is paid in next few years by the subsidy which the states have been given every year,” said Singh.

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