Great gesture by RPF constable! Runs behind moving Indian Railways’ train to deliver milk for baby

RPF constable displays great courage and humanity! Recently, an RPF or Railway Protection Force constable went beyond his call of duty for a four-month-old baby. The RPF constable, Inder Singh Yadav, was busy making announcements asking railway passengers not to venture out of the Shramik Special train, going from Belgaum to Gorakhpur, when a woman passenger made a special request. As the train entered Bhopal railway station’s platform number one, the RPF constable was requested by a passenger named Sharif Hashmi to arrange milk for her four-month-old child who was crying, according to an IE report.

According to the report, the passenger said she had been trying to get milk for the baby from Belgaum but could not get it. On her request, Yadav asked the passenger to wait for two minutes and rushed to buy milk from a kiosk located just outside the railway station. But, after he left to buy milk, the train started moving. The incident was captured in a CCTV, where the RPF constable can be seen running on the station platform holding his service rifle in one hand and the milk packet, on the other hand, to give it to the passenger in the moving train. By running behind a moving train and by providing the milk packet to the passenger in the coach, Yadav displayed his humanity and courage.

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