Green foot forward: Only e-vehicles for Delhi govt

Delhi government on Thursday decided that all vehicles hired by its departments will switch to electric mode within six months. The step was taken to promote the adoption of electric vehicles by setting an example.

Every vehicle hired by Delhi government’s departments, autonomies bodies and grantee institutions under it will switch from petrol, diesel or CNG-run vehicles to electric ones. The government has also decided to gradually replace all its end-of-life vehicles with EVs and made these measures mandatory.

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that it was chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s dream to make the city pollution free. “The decision that all government departments shift to EVs is a historic one,” he said, adding that Delhi will be the first capital in the world where all government departments switch to electric vehicles for road travel.

“It is necessary to focus on the challenges related to a sustainable environment. Delhi government has prioritised the issue of curbing environmental distress along with its other major agenda items,” he said, adding that using Delhi as an example, cities of the world ensure that using EVs is an important agenda in the fight to curb pollution.

Sisodia pinned faith on the idea that the decision of switching to electric vehicles by all departments of Delhi government will be a key step in encouraging more sustainable practices.

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