Gujarat: High Court asks govt to reply on coal-to-gas shift

The Gujarat high court on Friday directed the state authorities to file appropriate reply in response to a PIL seeking reduction of air pollution by ensuring that industrial units operating with the use of coal should be shifted to natural gas.

The PIL was filed by petitioner-advocate Amit Panchal citing high air pollution levels due to emissions from industrial units across the state and showing how Gujarat’s cities fare badly on environment front. He has sought HC directions to the authorities to “fix emission standards and parameters for industries so that pollution levels in the state are maintained within acceptable limits”.

The petitioner has also urged the court to ask the government to ensure that “all industries/plants/sites be allowed to function only if they are operated on natural gas and not with the use of coal”.

The demand is to identify and discontinue all polluting industrial units and to make alternative arrangements to immediately seize and stop using coal and to provide natural gas as fuel to the said industries to prevent and control air pollution.

The petitioner has contended that burning of coal leads to emission of various pollutants in the form of gaseous as well as particulate matter. Air pollution across towns and cities in Gujarat is higher than permissible limits.

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