Hackers using Pakistani software to compromise IRCTC Tatkal system, banks OTP safeguards: RPF officials

Railway Protection Force (RPF) sleuths from the South Western Railway (SWR) zone have busted a complex web of illegal operators and hackers who used Pakistani software to compromise the IRCTC Tatkal system to stealthily book reserved tickets, bypassing the Indian Railways as well as the banks OTP safeguards, an official said on Tuesday. “In September last year, intelligence agencies alerted on the use of illegal software for bypassing the IRCTC and bank security systems deployed in booking Tatkal tickets throughout India,” said a railway zone official.

Following multiple raids after the alert, RPF officials arrested a person who provided a lead about the mastermind behind the illegal software used for booking the tickets in stealth, to charge oblivious customers up to five times the price of a normal railway ticket.

India TV News
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