Haryana: Verve Renewables to collect 1.5 lakh tonnes farm waste for power generation

Verve Renewables on Tuesday said it has pledged to collect 1,50,000 metric tonnes (MT) of agricultural waste for power generation by power plants in Haryana. Currently, the company is collecting bales of paddy straw from over 50,000 acres of land in Punjab and Haryana, and supplies them to the 25 MW co-generation power plant at Naraingarh Sugar Mill to fire boilers.

“Verve Renewables has pledged to collect 1,50,000 MT of agriculture waste for power generation by power plants,” a company statement said.

The Naraingarh Sugar Mills co-generation plant with the expertise of Verve Renewables has the potential to utilise paddy straw generated from upwards of 75,000 acres of land for power generation and thus contribute to the overall reduction of air pollution and environmental degradation, it said.

Suvrat Khanna, CEO and Co-Founder said, “Every year over 30 million tonnes of paddy stubble are burnt in Punjab and Haryana alone. The idea of Verve Renewables was initiated with the sole intention of curbing the problem of stubble burning, which is a serious issue across northern India.”

In the first year of operations, Verve Renewables managed to collect 75,000 MT (metric tonnes) of agricultural waste for which farmers associated with Verve Renewables were paid up to Rs 2,000 per MT of paddy straw.

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