Health ATMs at Indian Railways stations! Get quick diagnostics such as BP, sugar level etc at affordable price

Health ATMs at railway stations: To give out medical reports instantly, Indian Railways has set up Health ATMs at many railway stations across the country. With this move, several Indian Railways passengers and users are getting their medical check-up done at pocket-friendly prices.

These Health ATMs have been set up under Indian Railways “New Innovative and Idea Scheme” for generating revenue under Non-Fare Revenue. First announced in the year 2010-11, the Non-Fare Revenue has been a non-starter over the years. However, it gained momentum over the past year with the national transporter, according to an IE report.

According to a passenger quoted in the report, at Nagpur railway station, he walked up to the Health ATM and a paramedic at the kiosk asked him to hold the grab handles of the ATM and stand on a platform that was attached to it. The platform attached to the machine works as a weighing scale.

He further said that it just took seconds for the machine to give a printed slip, which had analyzed his Body Mass Index, and his low hydration level. The printed slip also stated that his blood pressure and blood sugar were in the normal range but proteins were low.

It was all done within a few minutes at a cost of Rs 60, while any other pathologist would have taken at least an amount of Rs 200 for some basic test, he added.

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