Heavy losses force Bihar power firm to resort to stern measures

The South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (SBPDCL), one of the two government-owned discoms in Bihar, supplying power to 17 of its 38 districts, including capital Patna, is billing consumers for around 65% of the electricity that goes into its distribution system, say officials.

The remaining 35% is lost as aggregate transmission and commercial (AT&C) loss when the regulator approves of only 15%.

Officials monitoring the loss have assessed that power pilferage by consumers, either with the connivance of discom staff or without them, contributes to the bulk of the AT&C loss.

The SBPDCL has now stepped up the heat to curb its losses by launching a spirited anti-power theft drive before the regulator undertakes the true-up exercise (sort of reconciliation of accounts based on power purchased and power sold) to revise the state’s power tariff, due in April next year.

As per data accessed by the Hindustan Times, ₹7.30 crore was realised in Patna by way of penalty from January this year till September 25, of which ₹5.29 crore was generated in August.

Hindustan Times
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