Here’s how LPG cylinder customers can book a refill from distributor of their choice

The central government has announced the launch of a new facility through which LPG customers will be able to choose their distributors for a refill. The facility will be launched on a pilot basis soon in Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Pune and Ranchi.

“Consumers will be able to choose their “Delivering Distributor” from the list of distributors catering to their address within their Oil Marketing Company (OMC),” the Union ministry for petroleum and natural gas said on Thursday.

The service is aimed to empower the customers by way of enhanced choice and inspire healthy competition amongst the distributors to provide the best in class services.

How to book a refill?

1) Customers can book refill through a mobile app/customer portal using registered login.

2) For Indane, customers can go to https://cx.indianoil.in for refilling or download the mobile app IndianOil One.

3) The Bharat Gas portal for the purpose is https://my.ebharatgas.com and its app is called Hello BPCL.

4) HPGas’s portal is https://myhpgas.in and its mobile app is HP Pay.

5) After logging into the portal or app, the consumers will be shown a list of delivering distributors along with their performance rating. They can then opt for any distributor from the list applicable to the area.

6) For refill through IVRS and SMS number, customers can reach Indane at 77189 55555.

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