Himachal: another major shock to power consumers amid Corona crisis

Every state of the world is already affected due to Corona epidemic. Meanwhile, the electricity customer in the state has suffered a major setback. The government has increased the electricity rates in Himachal Pradesh from 30 paise to 1 rupee. After the cabinet decided to reduce the subsidy on electricity bills to domestic customers, the Electricity Regulatory Committee on Wednesday released new rates. From 1 July, electricity bills will be fixed according to the new rates.

Also, the bills in the month of June will be given at the old rates only. The regulatory committee has not increased the electricity rates. The committee has to fix new rates due to the reduction of subsidy from the government. In the new tariff issued by the regulatory committee, electricity rates have been distributed in three slabs. According to consumption, the unit of each slab will be determined separately. The former slab has a minimum of 125 units. It will have a bill of Rs 1.55 per unit as before.

In the second slab, the rates of zero to 125 units have increased by thirty paise. In this, the customer will have to pay Rs 1.85 per unit. In this slab, a bill of Rs 3.95 will be received from 126 to 300 units. Earlier, 2.95 rupees were taken in this slab.

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