Himachal Pradesh discom earns over Rs 109 crore extra revenue

Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board (HPSEB) has earned over Rs 109 crore as total additional revenue by exceeding electricity generation targets from its hydel projects in 2019-20. The additional revenue has been calculated on the basis of the national average power purchase cost (APPC) of Rs 3.60 per KWH.

Hydel projects like the 126 MW Larji Hydropower Project, 120 MW Sanjay Jal Vidyut Pariyojna, 66 MW Bassi Power House Project and 60 MW Giri Power House Project are major initiatives of HPSEB.

These projects, along with others like 22.5MW Ghanvi-I, 16.95MW Andhra, 10MW Ghanvi-II, 6 MW Binwa and 10.50 MW Gaj, have exceeded targets set by the central electricity authority in 2019-20.

Officials said the power houses generated 454.999MW energy against the target of 403.26 MW, which is 18.36 % more than the targeted generation.

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