How to book a gas cylinder using Alexa

Amazon has partnered with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited to make it easier for users to book a gas cylinder and encourage cashless transactions. Yes, you now don’t need to book LPG refills through an automated interactive voice response system and pay in cash.

Amazon India is now allowing you to do that through its website. In fact, you can also book and pay for HP gas cylinders with the help of Alexa. The digital assistant will take a few seconds to complete the task.

How to book a gas cylinder using Alexa
You first need to visit the ‘LPG’ category under the Amazon Pay tab, or “Pay Bills” tab on the homepage. Here, just register your HP GAS mobile number or the 17-digit LPG ID to the Amazon account.

Once this is done, you can ask Alexa to book a gas cylinder. If you have an Alexa-enabled device, then you just need to say “Alexa, book my HP GAS cylinder.” Alexa will ask for customer confirmation before processing the payment.

Customers will get an SMS confirming payment and they will be able to view distributor details on Amazon.in.

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