‘Hry discoms still far from UDAY goals’

The 15th finance commission has raised the issue of Haryana’s electricity distribution companies’ (discoms) aggregate transmission and line losses (AT&C). According to the commission, the state has progressed in power reforms, but has failed to achieve the target under UDAY scheme.

“Robust systemic reforms are required to ensure that power subsidies reach intended beneficiaries without leakage to improve the health of the power sector,” the report remarked. .

Under the UDAY scheme, the state has taken over Rs 25,950 crore of discoms debt during 2015–2017 in the form of grants (Rs 7,785 crore), loan (Rs 15,570 crore), and equity (Rs 2,595 crore). Also, the loan was converted into equity in 2017–18 and 2018–19

Bringing down AT&C losses and increasing recovery was one of the major factors under UDAY scheme. The state has been able to increase revenue , especially through schemes like Mhara Gaon Jagmag Gaon, but the line losses continue to hang between 18% and 21 %, which burden the consumer with more levies.

Even for the next financial year, UHBVN and DHBVN have submitted ARRs, and Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) is expected to release the tariff orders by mid-March.

Times of India
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