India ‘bigger problem’ than China on reducing carbon emissions, says Michael Bloomberg

India poses a “bigger problem” than China when it comes to fighting climate change, particularly on reducing carbon emissions, Democratic presidential aspirant and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has claimed.

During his maiden appearance on a Democratic presidential primary debate in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Bloomberg said it was “ridiculous” of the Trump administration to take the US out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, as he outlined his approach to tackling climate change.

“In all fairness, the Chinese have slowed down. It is India that is an even bigger problem, but it is an enormous problem. Nobody is doing anything about it,” Bloomberg said in response to a question on climate change.

He was asked about his business which is heavily invested in China, the number one producer of carbon emissions in the world, and how far would he go to force Beijing to reduce those emissions and tackle the climate crisis.

“You’re not going to go to war with them. You have to negotiate with them and we have seen how well that works with tariffs that are hurting us. What you have to do is convince the Chinese that it is in their interest as well, their people are going to die just as our people are going to die and we will work together,” Bloomberg said in his response.

Bloomberg’s statement came even as India has pledged that under the Paris Agreement it will reduce emissions intensity of GDP by 30-35 per cent by 2030 and create additional carbon sink of 2.5-3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent through additional forest cover by 2030.

It has also pledged that 40 per cent of the country’s power capacity would be based on non-fossil fuel sources.

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