India calls out nations on their carbon neutral intent announcements

India has termed the carbon neutral intent announcements by some countries as ‘meaningless.’ This assumes significance in the run-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Glasgow in November.

This was articulated by power and new renewable energy minister Raj Kumar Singh on Thursday at a conference organised by lobby group Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), and comes in the backdrop of announcements of intent of becoming carbon neutral by countries such as China and European Union.

“Our per capita emissions are just about one-third of the global average. And you have countries whose per capita emission is 6-times, 7-times, 9-times the global average. And I don’t see frankly any meaningful step by these countries (towards) reducing their per capita emissions,” Singh said.

India on its part is working on a raft of measures including clean electricity, ethanol blending with fossil fuels, green mobility, battery storage and green hydrogen to help reduce pollution and facilitate commitments made at COP-21, the UN Climate Change Conference held in France in 2015.

“We hear talks about or pledges about becoming carbon neutral by 2050, but that is meaningless. It is meaningless. I may sound blunt and harsh but actually its I meaningless and I will tell you why? You see, the developed world has already occupied about 67% to 75% of carbon space,” Singh added.

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