India has achieved 75% of the ‘Green Building Footprint’ target in 2020

India has successfully achieved 7.17 billion square feet of ‘Green Building Footprint’, according to the recent data by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). As of date, there are almost 6,000 green projects and over 5.77 lakh acres of large development projects in the country, which have helped to achieve the 75% of the green building footprint target, two years earlier than the actual target. The IGBC has set the target of 10 billion square feet of green buildings by 2022 after consideration with the government and partners.

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) was formed by the CII in 2001, with the support of the government, developers, corporates, institutes & many other stakeholders. According to the IGBC, there are different categories and standards to be classified as a green building, but all of them must have at least one of the following features –

1. Conform to all environmental & building laws

2. Share energy and water usage for 5 years from inception

3. Minimise impact on the environment

4. Use at least 30% less water and energy than others

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