‘India is very committed’ on climate action, says Emmanuel Macron

Stressing on the need for innovation on the issue of climate change, French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday lauded actions taken by India to tackle the climate crisis, saying that New Delhi is “very committed” to the cause.

“We need to accelerate innovation and the ability to deliver. We need India and China to be with us. India is very committed. It is a huge democracy with a lot of inequities to deal with but they launched with us a solar initiative three years ago now. They are improving the system and they are committed to reducing the HFC emissions,” Marcon said on an American news program on CBS.

Earlier this month, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry had said that India’s global leadership has been critical across a range of issues, including climate change.

“India’s global leadership has been critical across a range of issues including delivering COVID-19 vaccines to the world. I’m particularly grateful that India is getting the job done on climate. You’re indisputably a world leader already in the deployment of renewable energy,” Kerry said during his India visit.

Kerry also praised India’s leadership of the International Solar Alliance for advancing clean energy across India and other dynamic growing economies around the world.

India has set the goals for 2030 for increasing renewable energy generation to 450GW and has revised its nationally determined contribution under the Paris Agreement.

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