India moves a step forward in achieving E20 fuel dream

The ministry of road transport and highways (MoRTH) has notified test standards for vehicles compliant with ethanol-blended fuel variants E12 and E15 that will act as intermediaries in India’s target of achieving 20% ethanol blending in petrol (E20) across the country by the year 2023. .

In its notification dated October 11, which was made public on Wednesday, the ministry made it mandatory for all automobile manufacturers to put “clearly visible stickers” on every vehicle informing about its compatibility to the level of ethanol blend (E12, E15, E20).

While E12 has 12% ethanol blended with petrol, E15 has 15%. Currently, India is using E10 fuel (petrol blended with 10% ethanol).

A MoRTH official said the notification sets the norms for automobile manufacturers for type testing of vehicles compliant with these two bio-fuel variants. “They can now start production of vehicles that are E12 and E15 compliant, apart from being E20 compliant which is the larger goal,” the official said.

Ethanol blended fuel is less expensive than petrol and has lower carbon emissions, reducing the impact of vehicular pollution. Besides, by introducing ethanol-blended fuel, the central government wants to reduce its heavy dependency on crude oil imports, the rate of which is highly volatile. India currently imports 85% of its total fuel.

Hindustan Times
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