India must act now, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, build climate resilient infrastructure: Experts

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India must act now or else, the stronger effects of climate change will continue, environmental experts said on Tuesday, calling for the country to focus on a rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and building resilient infrastructure to tackle the increasing impacts of extreme weather events, as warned in the latest IPCC report.

The Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), approved by the 195 member countries, cautioned that every region on earth will witness the worst irreversible effects of climate change in the coming years, including sea-level rise and a surge in heat waves, rainfall and floods.

In a written response to PTI, Krishna Achuta Rao, one of the authors of the report, said the stronger effects of climate change will continue till the time the emissions are zeroed out.

“The corrective steps to prevent further climate change are the same for India and the rest of the world — to reduce emissions of GHGs, especially carbon-dioxide, and reduce them rapidly. There are hard decisions to be taken to achieve this.

“The message is also clear that we are already experiencing the effects of climate change and will continue to experience stronger effects till such time the emissions are zeroed out, which means that we have to pay attention to how we adapt to these changes so the worst effects of climate change on our population, economy and infrastructure are minimised,” Rao said.

Sharing a similar view, T S Panwar, Director, Climate Change and Energy Programme, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF India), said with the increase in global warming, devastating consequences of delayed climate action can be seen across the world.

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