India needs low-carbon energy partnerships to power its rise

One of this century’s great success stories could well be India, a diverse country with huge untapped human and economic potentials. India is on the go, but it will need plenty of electricity to power its rise from a developing nation to a developed one where millions upon millions of people will continue to be lifted out of poverty.

Yet India does not just need plenty more electricity; it needs that extra power to be generated in cleaner, low-carbon ways. Currently, the country’s energy industry is heavily invested in coal, which has greatly increased India’s carbon footprint and contributed to chronic air pollution. New Delhi has pledged to reduce the country’s carbon emissions significantly and many local energy experts have tapped nuclear power as a viable alternative to coal, in addition to renewables such as solar and wind.

“The concerns over climate change have reignited debate about the need for sustainable and green sources of energy to fuel India’s economic growth,” Prof. Sitakanta Mishra, an associate professor of international relations at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in Gujarat, tells Sustainability Times.


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