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India-Russia nuclear energy cooperation: Rosatom starts construction of Kudankulam NPP Unit 5

Construction of Kudankulam NPP Unit 5 has officially started in India today. Due to global pandemic of COVID 19, through a virtual ceremony, today (June 29, 2021) an official ceremony was held and the first concrete was poured into the foundation plate of the reactor building for Kudankulam NPP Unit 5.

Kudankulam NPP Unit 5

The Kudankulam NPP construction project has been a symbol of close cooperation between India and Russia. And the Russian company Rosatom which has the most advanced nuclear power technologies is playing the most critical role in the NPP.

What is the significance of the concrete pouring?

This is an indication that the work on the construction of the third stage of the nuclear power plant has started officially.

According to an official statement issued by the Embassy of Russia, New Delhi, the first concrete pouring was preceded by continuous preliminary work. This includes: auxiliary reactor building with the Main Control Room, turbine building, concrete bedding for foundations of the reactor building, and most importantly the power supply building for normal operation, emergency power supply and safety control systems.

On Tuesday, during the concrete pouring ceremony at the construction site of the 5th nuclear reactor of Kudankulam NPP, Russian Ambassador to India, Mr Nikolay Kudashev said: “This is significant moments in the Russian-Indian nuclear energy cooperation. And, it demonstrates our firm devotion to achieve success in all bilateral undertakings.”

“As is stipulated by the existing agreements, together with our Indian colleagues we are ready to launch the serial construction of the state-of-the-art Generation III+ Russian-designed nuclear power units at a new site in India,” Rosatom Director General Alexey Likhachev stated during the ceremony.

When did it all start?

On April 10, 2014, the General Framework Agreement (GFA) was inked for the construction of Units 3, 4. The negotiations with India started about the construction of Kudankulam NPP Units 5, 6.

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