India should address water management challenge in adding power capacity: IEA

With India’s power sector development over the next two decades set to take place against a backdrop of increasing water stress, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has advised that water management challenges be addressed while boosting power capacity. The agency has come out with two key priorities to ensure a more resilient power sector.

“Shifting to dry and non-freshwater cooling to improve the thermal fleet’s resiliency to water stress and fully integrating water-energy linkages in India’s technology choices and policies will help meet power demand while reducing pressure on precious water resources,” said Tomás de Oliveira Bredariol, IEA Energy and Environmental Policy Analyst; Molly Walton, Independent consultant and Vaibhav Chaturvedi, Economist at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water in an IEA note.

Unenviable situation
With just 4 per cent of the world’s water supply but 18 per cent of its population, India counts as one of the world’s most water stressed countries. But its rapid economic ascent in recent years has put more pressure on energy and water resources.

Coal-fired power generation, which makes up about 70 per cent of electricity generation in India, accounts for 80 per cent of the energy sector’s water

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