Indian Oil Corporation to Build Country’s First Green hydrogen Plant

India’s largest oil firm, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOC) has announced plansto build the first-ever commercial green hydrogen plant at its Mathura refinery in Uttar Pradesh.

IOC has taken this step intending to maintain focus on its core refining and fuel marketing businesses while making bigger inroads into petrochemicals, hydrogen and electric mobility over the next 10 years, says IOC chairman, Mr. Shrikant Madhav Vaidya.

According to the sources, the company will not set captive power plants at all its future refinery and petrochemical expansion projects and instead use the 250 MW of electricity it produces from renewable sources like solar power.

The company has a wind power project in Rajasthan. And now intends to wheel that power to its Mathura refinery and use that electricity to produce green hydrogen through electrolysis. Notably, this will be the country’s first green hydrogen plant.

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