Indian Railways fixes major constraint in running trains with HOG technology

Indian Railways in a bid to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel has started to equip its Linke Hofmann Busch(LHB) coaches with ‘Head o­n Generation’ (HOG) system.

Under the HOG system electricity supply to run fans, lights, ACs and other o­n-board equipment on coaches are powered by electric locomotive without need of running diesel generator.

With reduced requirement of o­n-board diesel generat set, released space in power car cum guard van can be used for making compartment for differently abled person and additional space for parcel. Such coaches are already under manufacture by railway coach factories and expected in service very soon.

However for power supply arrangement in HOG rake from locomotive it is utmost important that HOG system of rake and locomotive are fully functional and free from defect to avoid any detention and inconvenience to passengers.

Since locomotive and coaching rakes are maintained at different locations hence combined testing of HOG system is possible o­nly when locomotive is attached to rake and in case of any defect chances of train getting late increases.

Indian Railways’ Electric locomotive shed Kanpur has now come up with an innovative solution to overcome this constraint.

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