Indian Railways KSR Bengaluru station is super clean – thanks to these initiatives

Indian Railways KSR Bengaluru station is well-maintained with clean and hygienic station premises! The Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) has taken several initiatives for the maintenance of the Bengaluru City railway station in Karnataka.

IRSDC is a special purpose vehicle of the Railway Ministry and has been entrusted with the task of redeveloping various railway stations on the Indian Railways network. An IRSDC spokesperson told Financial Express Online that a team of the IRSDC has been delegated at the KSR Bengaluru station, which is dedicated towards the cleanliness and maintenance of the station premises.

According to IRSDC, the tasks of the station facility management include housekeeping, maintenance of technical services, waste management as well as the commercialisation of some of the station assets such as shops, advertisements, parking. The responsibilities of the IRSDC team are as follows:

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