Indian Railways: Mumbai-New Delhi Rajdhani Express Modified With Tejas Coaches

The Indian Railways has decided to replace the LHB coaches of the Mumbai-New Delhi Rajdhani Express with high-class Tejas coaches which have better features and interiors. The Western Railway integrated one of the Mumbai-Delhi trains with Tejas coaches as a start. The smart rakes have been integrated into the train which runs from Mumbai Central to Delhi’s Nizamuddin station.

The smart Tejas coaches have automatic doors and unless they close, the train would not leave the station. The control of these doors will be with the loco pilot.

The Tejas coaches have been spread into 3AC, 2AC and 1AC classes and all the rakes have sleeping berths. The coaches are also equipped with state of the art bio-toilets which use very less water. The censors in toilets can detect any foul smell and alert the train staff.

All the coaches will come with a fire alarm and detection system. In case of a fire, the sensors will detect the smoke and the train will automatically stop.

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