Indian Railways reforms: A single cadre for Railways management

The newly minted Indian Railways Management service can break down the silos that plague the Railways. But this will not be without its challenges

Today, there is an alphabet soup of services in Indian Railways (IR)—IRPS (Indian Railway Personnel Service), IRTS (Indian Railway Traffic Service), IRSS (Indian Railway Stores Service), IRSME (Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers), IRSEE (Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers), IRSSE (Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers), IRSE (Indian Railway Service of Engineers) and IRAS (Indian Railway Accounts Service).

There are eight Group A services. Five—IRSME, IRSEE, IRSSE, IRSS and IRSE—are so-called technical services, recruited through an engineering service examination conducted by UPSC. Three—IRPS, IRTS and IRAS—are non-technical, recruited through the civil service examination conducted by UPSC.

As of today, there are 8,401 officers, not evenly distributed across the eight services. Specifically, respective numbers are IRSE (1,958), IRSME (1,349), IRTS (1,099), IRSEE (1,074), IRSSE (971), IRAS (822), IRSS (650) and IRPS (478). Read More

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