Indian Railways shows the way! Lonavala & various other railway stations now run on solar energy

Indian Railways’ Lonavala station and its adjoining railway premises now run on clean and green energy! The Mumbai Division of Central Railway zone has taken various initiatives towards Indian Railways’ plan to make the network carbon-free by 2030.

Now, Lonavala railway station along with other stations under the Mumbai Division are harnessing solar power for its operations. The rooftop of Lonavala station’s platform number 2/3 is now installed with solar panels to produce 76 kW power. According to a press release issued by Central Railways, the solar energy harnessed from the solar panels to the tune of 68,400 Kwh yearly will help Lonavala station to save in power bills.

At the bazaar side of Lonavala station, two beautiful solar trees, each of them having 4×10 Watt LED fittings integrated with 40 Watt Solar Panels are erected to illuminate the garden. One water cooler powered by solar energy has also been provided at Lonavala station.

At the entry of BVT yard Loco Pilot / Guard running room, a total of six 33W outdoor integrated type solar street poles have been provided. At BVT yard, Lonavala, a green gang hut is created by providing 1 Kwp rooftop storage type solar panel with two 160 Ah batteries and one Kva inverter.

Near Khandala station, the level crossing gate number 30 has been provided with 1 Kwp rooftop storage type solar panel with two 160 Ah batteries and 1 Kva inverter. Thus, the Khandala – Lonavala rail stretch, with all this use of renewable energy, has turned towards green and clean energy.

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