Indian Railways to increase the number of trains operating with ‘HOG’ technology

Indian Railways’ South Eastern Railway(SER) zone has decided that it will remove one of the power coaches(generator cars) which is used to provide electricity in the passenger coach and will replace it with a general coach.

The addition of the general coach will help more people travelling in these passenger trains of the Indian Railways.

The SER zone said that “Six trains and will run with only one power car instead of two cars and will operate with ‘Head-On-Generation(HOG) technology.

With the introduction of ‘HOG’ technology, Indian Railways will be able to save on the consumption of diesel which is used to power the generators. The train will now draw power from the Over Head Equipment(OHE) to carry on the electrical requirements in the train.

What is ‘HOG’ technology

The HOG technology is used to draw power directly from the electric traction to meet the requirements for devices running on electricity like air conditioners, electric bulbs, and fans.

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