Indian Railways to restore MEMU services in Mumbai from today. Details here

Indian Railways will be restoring Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) services on Mumbai Division on the Vasai Road-Diva-Panvel sections from Friday, the ministry of railways announced on Twitter. Existing Covid-19 protocols mandated for EMU suburban services on Mumbai division will be followed for the issue of tickets/passes and travel in MEMU services, the railways ministry said.

The MEMU services on the Vasai Road-Diva-Panvel line will run as per revised schedule details of which have been given below.

Diva-Vasai Road section:

01338 dep Diva 05.49 am Vasai Road arr 06.50 am

01339 dep Vasai Road 09.50 am Diva arr 10.50 am

01340 dep Diva 11.30 am Vasai Road arr 12.30 pm

01341 dep Vasai Road 12.55 pm Diva arr 01.55 pm

01342 dep Diva 02.33 pm Vasai Road arr 03.25 pm

01343 dep Vasai Road 03.55 pm Diva arr 04.55 pm

01344 dep Diva 05.55 pm Vasai Road arr 06.55 pm

01345 dep Vasai Road 07.15 pm Diva arr 08.07 pm

Panvel-Diva-Vasai Road section (except Saturday and Sunday):

01353 dep Diva 09.25 am Panvel arr 10.05 am

01354 dep Panvel 10.30 am Diva arr 11.10 am

01357 dep Diva 4.25 pm Vasai Road arr 5.25 pm

01358 dep Vasai Road 5.35 pm Diva arr 6.35 pm

The following trains will run daily:

Train No 01339 Vasai Road-Diva will depart Vasai Rd at 09.50 am and reach Diva at 10.50 am.

Train No 01341 Vasai Road-Diva will depart Vasai Rd at 12.55 pm and reach Diva at 1.55 pm.

Train No 01343 Vasai Road-Diva will depart Vasai Rd at 3.35 pm and reach Diva at 4.35 pm.

Train No 01345 Vasai Road-Diva will depart Vasai Rd at 7.15 pm and reach Diva at 8.07 pm.

Train No 01337 Boisar-Vasai Rd will depart Boisar at 08.30 am and reach Vasai Rd at 09.45 am.

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