Indian Railways’ Vision 2024: 2024 Million Tonnes Freight Loadings, Elimination Of Over 2,400 Manned Level Crossings, Completion Of Projects In Northeast

Target of 2024 million tonnes of freight loadings, elimination of more than 2,400 manned level crossings and completion of all national projects in Northeastern region are on focus for Vision 2024 of Indian Railways.

Prepared by a dedicated team with inputs from all concerned directorates, the Vision 2024 document aims at development of rail infrastructure in a big way to enhance capacity while removing bottlenecks and strengthening safety in train operations.

As per the directions given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a new paradigm shift has taken place in planning and faster pace of execution of projects in railways with available resources are utilised judiciously for optimum results.

The national transporter has set a target to eliminate 2,429 manned level crossings on all four arms of the Golden Quadrilateral rail network and its diagonals by March 2025 to enhance safety and operational speed on these crucial networks.

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