Indian Railways’ western zone recovers Rs 12 crore from ticketless & irregular travel in four months; details

Indian Railways collects massive amount from ticketless passengers! During the first four months of the current financial year i.e., from April 2021 to July 2021, the Western Railway zone conducted regular checks wherein around 2.34 lakh ticketless / irregular travel including unbooked luggage cases were detected. This resulted in a recovery of Rs 12 crore.

According to a statement issued by Western Railways, three cases of transfer of reserved tickets were detected during the period and an amount of Rs 4,580 was realized. Apart from this, 127 beggers as well as 156 unauthorized hawkers, etc., were apprehended, out of which, 21 were charged and Rs 5,370 was realized as railway dues, the statement said.

According to Western Railways, as many as 135 people were prosecuted and fined from which an amount of Rs 53,470 was recovered in fine. As per state government directives, Indian Railways’ Ticket Checking staff are vested with the power to charge fines from passengers who are travelling without wearing face masks.

As a result of this, during the period from 17 April 2021 to 31 July 2021, as many as 6,796 cases of railway passengers without masks were detected and from them, an amount of Rs 13,54,665 was recovered as fine, the zone stated.

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