India’s current coal crisis and the role of renewable energy in future

India is witnessing one of the sharpest shortfalls in coal supplies this year and it has stirred quite a lot of buzz. India seems to be on the verge of a power catastrophe, as coal supplies in power plants have plummeted to record lows, and states have issued blackout warnings.

Both Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have attended a couple of meetings with officials, depicting the seriousness of the matter. However, the turn of events have rightfully pointed out that India needs to shift its focus towards renewable energy sources as it is the only cost-effective and sustainable alternative pertaining to its growing consumption. We will also have a look at why futuristic cities like Dholera SIR have 100% renewable energy usage benchmarks.

Understanding The Current Coal Crisis
Coal supplies to thermal power plants are running dangerously low, according to state governments throughout India. Coal-fired power stations provide 72% of India’s electricity.

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