India’s ‘plywood capital’ adding to pollution woes

Often dubbed the ‘plywood capital of India’, Yamunanagar provides employment to thousands of people as several plywood units are located here. However, air pollution, domestic and trade effluents being generated by this industry is posing a threat to the environment and causing health hazards.

No strict effort has been made by the Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) so far to tackle air and water pollution. As a result, a number of plywood units are operating without adequate pollution control devices.

“The owners of a number of plywood units have not adopted adequate pollution control measures in their factories, thereby violating the directions of the National Green Tribunal issued from time to time,” says Jai Chand Chauhan, state president of Haryana Backward and Majdoor Kranti Morcha and an RTI activist.

He said the plywood units need glue, which is used as pasting or adhesive material to manufacture boards.

He said most of the plywood units have glue-making plants and they produce glue in a kettle using urea (fertiliser). After production of the glue, the kettle is washed using water, which is drained outside the factories in the open, causing pollution and even groundwater contamination in several cases.

According to information, Yamunanagar district has 409 plywood units. Residential quarters for labourers have been constructed on the premises of several factories.

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