IOC urges consumers to switch to online mode of payment

Oil major Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has urged cooking gas customers to switch over to cashless payment modes when they pay for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) refills.

The company’s request comes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic when handling of cash is being avoided. At present, on the delivery of refills, most consumers pay cash to the delivery personnel.

Online payments can be made while making bookings or using a link in the confirmatory message sent by the company. Some delivery personnel also carry point-of-sale card machines. Though there has been a marginal increase in online payments since COVID-19 broke out, many still pay by cash.

Lakshmi, a consumer in Anna Nagar, said that she and her husband are paid in cash, which is why all their transactions are in cash. A distributor said the lack of helplines to resolve payment issues was a problem. “There have been instances of consumers making the payment, the cash being debited from their account but the transaction doesn’t reflect in our system.

The customer will end up paying double since the delivery boy won’t hand over the cylinder unless he is paid. The amount will not even be reversed to the customer. In the month end when the rates change, consumers sometimes refuse to pay the difference,” he explained.

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