IRCTC Ticket Booking: You will not get CONFIRM train ticket if you don’t follow this Indian Railways new rule

IRCTC Ticket Booking: If you are planning any tour via Indian Railways, then there is an important rule change, which you must know. According to the Indian Railways new train ticket booking rule, if you are unable to get a confirmed ticket you can book a wait-listed ticket. So, in case of train ticket cancellations by others, your wait-listed ticket can fetch you a confirmed berth. However, there is a catch.

So, while booking a wait-listed ticket during the IRCTC ticket booking process, you must check about the limit allowed in the train for such a ticket. Not checking this limit will lead to deduction of money from your account and there will be no chance of your wait-listed ticket getting a confirmed status.

As per the new Indian Railways train ticket booking new rule, one should not book any wait-listed ticket during the IRCTC train ticket booking, because it will be of no use for them as such wait-listed tickets won’t be eligible for confirmation, in the case of confirm ticket cancellation.

IRCTC train ticket refund
The new rule of IRCTC train ticket refund says that while booking-such train tickets one’s money will get deducted but since there is no hope for confirmed status for such wait-listed train ticket, the deducted money or the train ticket fare will be refunded automatically within the seven working days. However, the best way is to check the limit allowed for the wait-list train tickets allowed instead of booking a waiting list ticket in an Indian Railways train and then waiting for the train ticket refund with no hope of berth confirmation.

So, next time when you go for IRCTC train ticket booking, make sure that your wait-listed ticket is within the given limit otherwise you will not get a confirmed berth and your money will get locked up for a while as well.

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