Is battery-based energy storage technology viable for discoms?

By New Indian Express

Could renewable energy along with battery-based energy storage in Tamil Nadu be cost competitive compared to new coal-powered plants? A study by Climate Trends and JMK Research and Analytics states that renewable energy with battery storage in the State could help reduce curtailment of renewable energy.

A chunk of solar power in Tamil Nadu was curtailed since the lockdown. Similarly, curtailment of wind power in 2019 went up to 3.5 hours per day from 1.87 hours per day in 2018, says the study. “Our analysis found that the cost of hybrid renewable energy with a battery storage system is on a par with new coal power plants in Tamil Nadu. Moreover, in 10 years, incremental capacity addition would further drive down the cost by over 31 per cent,” said Jyoti Gulia, founder of JMK Research and Analysis.

The analysis, released by Climate Trends and JMK Research and Analytics, tracks the system from an initial capacity of 800MW of solar and 200MW of wind along with 500MWh of storage, that would cater to Tamil Nadu’s average annual power demand for two hours per day from 2021-2023.

Its capacity is augmented to three hours of daily backup for 2024-2026, and then four hours per day for 2027-2030.

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