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ITER project: India’s role in creating a miniature sun on Earth

All life on Earth is sustained only because of the massive nuclear reactor which showers the Earth with its unlimited benevolence. Yes, the Sun is a natural fusion-energy cauldron, and life on Earth would be impossible if solar energy came to a halt.

Now, the world’s most technologically-advanced countries have gotten together to create a miniature sun on Earth. It is being built in southern France and is named ‘The Way’, otherwise technically called the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).

There is ‘Made in India’ written all over this project that seeks to harness ‘Aditya on Prithvi’. But, alas India’s sheen may be dimming thanks to the Indian government’s short-sighted policies. If the full potential of this mega collaboration has to be tapped by India, then Dr Jitendra Singh, the minister of state in the PMO looking after atomic energy, and also the minister for the department of personnel and training, needs to very quickly change the rules so that India can maximise its gain from the ‘fusion energy university’ that is fast coming up at Southern France.

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