Jharkhand CM seeks PM talks over power dues auto-debit

Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Thursday requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to cancel the deduction of DVC dues from the state government share and return the amount to the latter. The CM also sought time to meet the PM with his cabinet ministers and apprise him on the power dues of the state.

In a letter to Modi, Soren said that coal companies, which supplies raw material to the power companies, should also be included in the agreement. He further said that state government receivables from the coal companies must be considered while determining its dues.

He said that the deduction made by the Centre from the state’s share during the pandemic period prima facie appears to be unconstitutional, immoral and an attack on the federal structure.

The CM said, “Even though the deduction of DVC dues was done as part of a tripartite agreement, the Union government should not have taken this step under the present crisis. The tripartite agreement was done for normal situation.”

Stating that several states have more electricity dues than Jharkhand, the CM said the Centre chose to make the deduction from a poor and adivasi-dominated state.

He said that the Centre’s step has come at a time when the state’s revenue collection has taken a hit owing to the lockdown and economic slowdown.

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