Less than 3% of India’s energy needs met by hydro, solar, wind and nuclear sources

More than 54%* of India’s energy needs were met by coal production in FY19. The country’s energy needs were met overwhelmingly by coal and other fossil fuels; only less than 3% were met by renewable technologies. Energy consumption includes electricity and transport.

At least 6.5 lakh employees work in the fossil fuel supply chain, a fact to be considered while devising fossil fuel phase-out policies.

The calculations are done after converting all the energy sources into a solitary unit: a Tonne of Oil Equivalent. One tonne of oil equivalent is equal to the energy released by burning one tonne of crude oil (=11.63 megawatt-hours).

The chart shows the % of the total energy produced from various sources, and where this energy was spent in FY19.

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