LPG Cylinder Rates: Cooking gas price rises by Rs 50; here’s how much you will have to pay for a cylinder now

The prices of non-subsidised liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) surged by Rs 50 across the country on Thursday, said the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC). This is the first time in five months that the prices of non-subsidised LPG gas cylinders have seen a spike.

With this hike, 14.2 kilograms of non-subsidised LPG cylinder will cost Rs 644 in Delhi for the month of December. In Kolkata, it will cost Rs 670.50 while it will be available in Mumbai at a price of Rs 644. In Chennai, a 14.2 kilograms of non-subsidised LPG cylinder will cost Rs 660 now, Indian Oil Corporation said, which supplies LPG under the brand Indane.

The price of LPG gas cylinder is determined by the state-run oil companies and is revised on a monthly basis. The last time when the rates were changed was in July. However, the state-run oil companies are under constant pressure due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic because of which the prices of LPG gas cylinders have been revised in December.

In September this year, the government had also eliminated the need to provide subsidy on domestic cooking gas due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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