Madhya Pradesh: Pocket pinch worry as fuel prices reach all-time high

Petrol prices are at an all-time high at Rs92.01 per litre, while diesel is at Rs82 per litre. Over the last two months, hike of over Rs3/litre was effected. From Rs 88.76 per litre on November 1 to Rs 92.01 on December 7 — petrol prices went up by Rs 3.25 while diesel prices went up by Rs 3.98 from Rs 78. 28 to Rs82.22 in the same duration.

“As petrol and diesel prices are fluctuating on a daily-basis, people have stopped asking the rate and this is quite a dangerous trend”, said Mayank Nagar, an executive working in a private fIrm in Bhopal.

Ajay Singh, president of the petrol pumps association said, “the government must consider the demand of bringing the cost of the fuel down be reducing the taxes imposed on the fuels.”

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