Maharashtra govt mulls opening Mumbai local train services for all, proposes time schedule

The Maharashtra government on Wednesday wrote to the Indian Railways and sought permission to restart local train services in Mumbai for all with staggered timings.

In a letter written to the general managers of the Central Railways and Western Railways, and also to the Commissioner of Police, Railways, Mumbai, Kishor Raje Nimbalkar, Secretary in the Disaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation department, sought inputs on resuming local train services for all with staggered timings.

“The State is looking to open up the local train services to the general public while ensuring adherence to following of all COVID 19 protocols. In order to ensure that this is done in a staggered manner, the following time slots are hereby proposed,” Nimbalkar wrote in the letter.

As per the official communication, it has been proposed that any person with a valid ticket or pass should be allowed to use the service from the start of first local train till 7.30 am.

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