Mini-grids led water treatment units can add up to $600 million annually to the Indian economy

Water Treatment Units (WTUs) that run on electricity from mini-grids can mitigate losses up to $600 million annually and prevent around 2,400 deaths every year caused by drinking contaminated water, Smart Power India (SPI), a subsidiary of Rockefeller Foundation, said in a statement.

SPI provides electricity to rural India primarily through mini-grids and said it has been working with Energy Service Companies for six years in UP, Bihar and Jharkhand to ensure rural communities receive potable water for consumption.

“Water Treatment Units that run on electricity from mini-grids are beneficial to mini-grid developers as they prove to be a considerable load on the grid, with an average monthly energy consumption of 14 per cent of the total mini-grid load,” Jaideep Mukherjee, CEO, SPI said.

He said WTUs also ensure that mini-grids are utilized as per their potential ensuring their financial sustainability. Also, WTUs are relatively easy to set up across geographies and require minimal operational support.

Establishing water treatment units ensures good health and increased contribution to the economy by the rural community and also opens avenues for sustainable livelihood options.

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