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MNRE proposes draft policy for promoting distributed renewable energy

The ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) on Monday proposed a framework for promoting application of distributed renewable energy (DRE) in rural areas.

DRE applications are those which are powered by renewable energy and used for earning livelihoods directly such as solar dryer, solar powered cold storage, solar charkha, solar lighting systems.

With this, the ministry plans to enable a market-oriented framework to attract the private sector for development and deployment of DRE livelihood applications, provide easy access to end user finance, introduce standards, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

The framework for promotion of DRE livelihood applications allows interventions to assess demand for their deployment across sectors of the rural economy.

“This demand assessment activity will help in mapping needs of beneficiaries with appropriate fit to DRE livelihood applications. MNRE will develop a list of DRE livelihood applications in consultation with stakeholders, which will be updated regularly,” it said.

For the standardisation of research and development, MNRE and other ministries would be helping in development of new devices and applications for the rural economy.

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