MNRE setting up wind-solar hybrid parks to overcome land and connectivity bottlenecks

As with solar parks earlier, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has now identified areas where hybrid wind-solar parks can be set up. Ten such locations have been found. With hybrid parks it hopes to resolve two of the biggest issues troubling the wind industry — that of land and connectivity.

“If you see the risk profile (of wind projects), land and connectivity are at the top of the list. The ministry is trying to take care of these two risks through these parks,” said a source close to the development, on the condition of anonymity. All the infrastructure wind and solar farms need will be provided in advance at the parks. “It will be plug and play (for the developers),” the source added.

One such park in Khavda, in the Bhuj region of Gujarat, is in a fairly advanced stage of development

Solar parks have been set up in almost every state, with a profusion of them in sunshine-rich states like Rajasthan and Gujarat, but wind-solar hybrid parks are a new concept. “For solar projects, there are designated areas which are called parks by the ministry. The ministry now wants to make the concept more uniform. If developers are ready to set up hybrid projects, the ministry would facilitate that by declaring and defining the park, and providing subsidy for development of the park infrastructure,” the source said.

MNRE is also slowly moving away from conducting separate wind and solar projects in favour of doing so for hybrid ones. ET reported last month that soon only hybrid auctions will be conducted by the ministry.

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